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From a functional point of view is the Endurro sensor a linear resolver, using variable reluctance of the scale.

The scale includes a very precise spiral of ferromagnetic material in a non-magnetic stainless steel tube. The slider contains a winding system and an electronic unit.

If the excitation winding is supplied with alternating current, alternating voltages are induced in the sensing windings, the amplitude of which varies according to the sinusoidal resp. cosine function, depending on the position of the slider relative to the pitch (2 mm) of the excitation winding.

The excitation of the scale and the digitization of the output signals are provided by the electronic unit placed inside the slider.


Technical data

Measured Length: 0 - 2 m as standard, to 5 m with                                          special frame - marked as Endurro L    Accuracy: +/-0.005 + 0.01xL [m] .... mm
Adjusting force of the rider: 10 N
Supply Voltage: + 5 V
Supply Current: 100 mA
Resolution on demand from 0.001 to 0.5 mm
Maximal Travel Speed: 4 m/sec for resolution 0,001 mm

                                     7 m/sec for other resolutions 
Output:  Quadrature signals of level RS422
Working Temperature: 0 - 40 C
Storage Temperature: -10 to 50 C
Protection Grade: IP68, special execution IP69K  
Cable length between sensor and transmitter max. 10 m


During the design of the sensor, special emphasis was placed on robustness and resistance to environmental influences. The slider is completely waterproof and is equipped with rubber wipers, which protect the working gap against the ingress of liquid and dirt. The surface of the scale is made of stainless steel and the body of the slider is made of duralumin. These measures enable trouble-free operation even in humid and dusty environments.

There is no need to prepare the mounting surface for mounting the sensor, so it is possible to easily retrofit machines that were not originally equipped with measuring.

For easy installation, both fixed and adjustable bar clamps and slider angle brackets are available, eliminating the need to carefully align the slider mounting bracket.


Endurro UHD 1000/5/10

Endurro UHD ............ sensor type
1000 .......................... functional length (mm)
/ 5 .. ........................... cable length (m)
/ 5/10 ......................... position increment (um)

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