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YHSINO 800-2p


Robust display with simple operation in two-axis to four-axis design with graphic screen. It contains all the functions useful when used on machine tools.

- possibility of measuring 2 - 4 axes
- sensor resolution selection
- selection of the display resolution of the indication
- setting the reading direction
- mm / inch option
- radius / diameter selection
- choice of absolute / relative scale
- calculation of the center on a line, circle
- zero setting, value presetting
- drilling holes on a circle
- tool compensation settings
- vibration filter
- possibility to display speed
- calculator
save data when the indication is switched off
- linear and nonlinear sensor error correction
- preset memory 199 positions
- drilling holes in a circle, arc, line, frame, - oblique line, nut
- polar / Cartesian coordinates
- cone machining
- measuring range -99999,000 to 99999,000 mm


YHSINO DRO 4ax-700.jpg
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