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We manufacture and supply  digital position encoders  with highest degree of  protection against the influence of the environment .

Endurro UHD-2-2-DeNoiseAI-clear-320.jpg

Position Sensor Endurro UHD

Upevnovaci dily1-2-145.jpg

Mounting Parts


Delos DS2L


Delos DS3M

produkty_58571372 (2).jpg

Delos DS 4/5V

YHSINO DRO 4ax-700.jpg

YHSINO 800 -2p

The LIMAT company is active since 1995 and it is grounded on long time experience in research and development of measurement and control devices for Czech machine tools industry. The design of measuring system LIMAT as well as the manufacturing technologies are the result of our original development and they are independent from any foreign patents.

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